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Jessica Yelderman

5th / 6th Grade Math


*Please refer to this webpage periodically as contents are subject to change.*

Please refer to Power School in order to keep track of student averages and missing assignments.

Corrections are due the day after graded assignments/tests are returned.  Tests must be signed by parents.

Corrections will not be accepted if a student was absent on the day of the test.

Homework passes will not be accepted in this class because homework is crucial in order to practice the concepts covered in class.

Textbooks MUST be kept at home for reference and homework assignments.

Conference Time:  1:36-2:21 PM 

Email address:  jyelderman@unitedday.org

I am available at 7:30 AM most days for tutoring and homework help.  


 Feb. 12-15, 2018

6th Grade

Monday: Students will write percents as fractions and decimals.

Monday Homework: 

Tuesday:  Students will compare fractions, decimals, and percents

Tuesday Homework: Textbook p. 177 (1-10)

Wednesday: Students will use percent proportion to find percent and create a pie chart.

Wednesday Homework:  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday: Students will use percent proportion to find percent of a number.

Thursday Homework: 

Friday:  Holiday

Friday Homework: 


5th Grade

Monday:  Students will multiply fractions using GCF.

Monday Homework:  Textbook pgs.202-203 (3-30 mult. of 3)

Tuesday:  Students will multiply mixed numbers by fractions.

Tuesday Homework: Textbook p. 204-205 (3-30 mult. of 3)

Wednesday:  Students will multiply mixed numbers by mixed numbers.

Wednesday Homework: Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday:  Students will find the reciprocal of a number.

Thursday Homework: 

 Friday:  Holiday

Friday Homework:


email: jyelderman@unitedday.org