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Peter Gonzales

7th - 8th Grade Science


January 15, 2018


Tutorials will be from 7:30--to flag time

Tuesdays: for 7th Grade Class

Thursdays: for 8th Grade Class

Students should spend 15-20 minutes daily going over the materials for the day or previous day!    Parents should ask to see the science binder if grades in Powerschool are declining. 

Does it appear to be organized to you??

·     Does it have tabs?

·     Are key terms hi-lighted?

·     Can you read the assignments easily?  If you can not read the assignments, neither can your child!

·     Are the assignments written (spaced) to easily spot key points?

·     Are the classworks, homeworks, handouts... arranged by dates?

·     Are dates put on all assignments?

·     Do the periodic charts have a classwork number and date which can be linked to classwork?

·     Do the classworks have a title?  (Example 'Atomic Structure' or 'Chemical formulas')

·     If an assignment can't be read easily or is messy, then re-copy the work!

·     Does your child have a classmate who can lend them his/her work when absent? (Work is copied, but to get credit,student absent MUST see me so that I can explain the work and make sure it is understood.  Too often, students do not attend tutorials and want help the day before a scheduled test!  Not Wise!!)

·     Note any question or area of confusion, and have student ask me the very next day in class.  I will be more than happy to address or re-teach/re-explain concepts from previous day.

·     Re-work problems given in class without looking at classwork.

·     Help your child by asking to define the hi-lighted words.

·     Look at quizzes/tests/graded assignments and check for correction

·     All these suggestions take time and effort, but the benefit is the use of a binder on any test/quiz (applies to first semester only).   Having students be responsible and develop organizational skills are two of my immediate goals. 

·        Homework always includes maintaining an organized binder, and any assigned work below.


Thank you,


Peter Gonzales

*I will post homework assignments at the end of each day if needed. 












Planning Period:     3rd: 9:45-10:30

If a conference is requested, a 15-20 minute time limit should be sufficient to discuss any concerns.  This will allow me time to prepare for students coming to class the following period.



I will not access emails after 1:00 pm on school days.  Please, contact J. Rivera  for any emergency.  Thank you, for respecting my personal time!