Student Council



Student Council Officers 2018-2019

President:  Juni Gonzalez

Vice President:  Olivia Glass

Secretary:  Maria Marroquin

Treasurer:  Aissa Cano

Historian(s):  Gigi Carranza & Aly Maddox

Parliamentarian:  Paulina Garcia


Current Events:

*Snifty Pencils ($1)  and Snifty Pens ($2) (scented) will be sold throughout the year.  CHRISTMAS SMENCILS COMING SOON!

*Regalos de Amor boxes are due by Thursday, Dec. 6th.  Every officer, representative, and member must bring at least one box.

1 box = 2 hrs.  Total hours able to be earned: 4 hrs.




Meeting Dates:

2nd  General Membership Meeting- Wednesday, Nov. 14th.