Claudia Jimenez

Spanish Teacher

Semana 6: 17 al 21 de septiembre

4th: Students will learn words to talk about FAMILY.

5th: Students will  translate and select a few words/sentences using Vocabulary 2 to talk about exchanging phone numbers + in Duolingo: SCHOOL.

6th:  Students will learn to set up their chromebooks and join the Spanish Google Classroom.

7th: Students will learn and practice words about SHOPPING +  practice using words to talk about preparing for a party + will recognize Direct Object Pronouns.

8th: Students will learn to recognize Double Object Pronouns + use IR A with the Imperfect and the Preterite + identify Comparatives and Superlatives

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Los días  disponibles para conferencia son lunes y miércoles de 10:33 – 11:18/1:36 – 2:21.

¡Gracias! ♥