Saralysia Benavides

Computers: Pre-Primary through 4th Grade & Spanish 1st-3rd

Students in my 3rd and 4th grade computer class are reviewing essential keyboard keys and proper keyboarding techniques. There will be a test this Thursday September 13 and Friday September 14.
Students in 1st and 2nd grade computer class have been learning important internet safety information. I encourage all students to practice typing at home. We will begin working proper keyboarding techniques this week.
PP-K students are learning about parts of a computer and this week we will focus on the mouse. Students will play games that require clicking and dragging skills.

Students in 3rd grade Spanish are learning words and phrases related to “What I do at School” such as: leer, yo voy a la escuela, yo estudio las matematicas, yo hago deporte, yo hago mi tarea, yo leo un libro.

Students in 2nd grade Spanish are learning “connecting words” such as: y, pero, tambien, siguente, entonces, porque, sin embargo, por lo tanto.

Students in 1st grade Spanish are learning words and phrases related to “Getting to School” such as: lejos, yo voy en carro, yo voy a pie, mi escuela es cerca, en la ciudad, a unas cuadras.

Parents please encourage your child to speak Spanish and practice these words and phrases in conversations.
Thank you for your support!!!