Selina Lopez

2nd Grade

Homework for Week of September 17- September 21 



Reading/Lang.Arts: Workbook pg. 56

Spelling: Workbook pg. 55



Math: Class Practice 21B/ Fact sheet 21B

Reading/Lang. Arts: workbook pg. Synonyms/Antonyms

Spelling: workbook pg. 50

*Shurley Test on Thursday study notes*




Math: Fact sheet 22B, practice 22B, oral fact sheet 22B

Reading/Lang.Arts: Study for Shurley Test Tomorrow

Reminder: Please Review and Return Wednesday Envelope Tomorrow



Math: Class Practice 23B / Factsheet 23B/ Math TEST on Monday

Reading/Lang. Arts: Test tomorrow Re-read Diary of a Spider / workbook pg. 57

Spelling: workbook pg. 58



Friday:  Math TEST on Monday

Enjoy your weekend!


NOTE: Students must read for 20 minutes daily!

Review spelling list daily!